A Hybrid Membership

Get the best of group and one-on-one training at Kong CrossFit. With our unique Coach For Life program (CFL) you will get access to both group classes and personal training. Your relationship with your Coach can be your best tool and asset toward reaching your fitness goals, whether aesthetic or performance-based, or both. The atmosphere of group classes can motivate you on tough days where you need an extra little push to bring your best. With the CFL program, tap into our amazing community, your way. You and your CFL work together to design your own membership program with scheduled personal training and group sessions for the duration of your membership. In your sessions, you and your coach will fine tune your motor patterns, adjust your programming to fit your needs, and may even recruit specialist coaches to further assist you in achieving your goals. Lastly, your coach will provide mentorship when it comes to lifestyle choices including proper nutrition and diet adjustments, supplement suggestions, and additional factors that contribute to the success of your fitness goals.

How the Coach For Life Program Works

After you have completed one of our “Get Started Programs,” you will have the option of working privately with one of our world class coaches (between 2 and 12 sessions a month) who will oversee your fitness journey at Kong CrossFit.

Utilizing our state of the art attendance tracking software, our coaches able to monitor your in-house training day to day. If they recognize that you are having trouble making into the facility, they will step in and help you get back on track. Through regular sessions, your coach will gauge your development and make suggestions on recovery, rest, nutrition, and make regular adjustments to your fitness programming.

The Coach For Life program is a monthly membership that includes private training as well as unlimited group classes. We require a minimum commitment of 3-Months to the CFL program. Should you find yourself unable to use the allotted number of private sessions per month, please note that they never expire. However, unlike our Personal Training packages – an active membership is required to utilize the CFL training sessions. After your initial three months, should you need to cancel your CFL membership or change the number of sessions per month, as with all of our monthly memberships, we require notice by the 25th of the preceding month.