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Patricia Cleary

Patricia emigrated to the United States in 2000 from Brazil with the hopes of learning English after graduating with a Bachelors degree in Biology. While in America, Patricia pursued her goal of learning English while also attending the University of Bridgeport and graduating with a Bachelors degree in Psychology along with achieving many other personal accomplishments. However, one of the things lacking from her life was fitness and as a result Patricia suffered depression as a result of the lack of activity and being overweight.

In 2011, while focusing on running, Patricia was introduced by her friends to CrossFit. The combination of cardio and weight training was intriguing and complex enough to hold Patricia’s interest and in turn helped her transform both her physical and mental states. Having fallen in love with CrossFit, Patricia pursued becoming certified in CrossFit and opened and managed CrossFit Science Park (New Haven) in December 2015

In late 2016, Patricia stepped away from CrossFit Science Park for personal reasons and has recently joined the team at Kong CrossFit to get in touch with the parts of CrossFit that made her fall in love with it years ago.
Message from Patricia

Crossfit is well known for changing people’s lives but not in a million years I would have envisioned myself as I am today. I am a new person, fit, healthy and motivated to inspire people to reach their potential. If I made it, so can you. CrossFit may seem complex but when you have the right coach who breaks it down, it can become really simple and helpful. CrossFit is about having fun and trying things that you have never attempted before; rope climbs, sled pushing, oympic weightlifting. Seeing a person’s reaction on their face when they are surprised that they can do something that they used to be afraid of even trying; that’s the beauty of CrossFit.

When I am not doing CrossFit, you’ll typically find me outdoors during the Summer or hibernating during the Winter.


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