Kong CrossFit Competitive Athletes (The Gorilla Squad) share not only foundational training principles that have led to consistent success, but they also share a mindset and an unrelenting focus on achieving their maximum potential without regard to outside distractions and or circumstances.

Online Coaching and Program Design

Every athlete has different strengths and weaknesses, and requires a different approach to maximizing his or her athletic potential. Our staff has been assessing athletes, writing personalized programs and coaching athletes remotely since 2006. In that time we have helped dozens of individual athletes and dozens of teams reach the pinnacle of their sport whether it be in CrossFit, Rowing, Running, and more. If you want improve as efficiently as possible, but cannot train with us in Norwalk, CT, then online coaching is our best solution. For more information, please reach out to Info@kongcrossfit.com

The Kong CrossFit Development Program

The only thing better than having a successful and knowledgeable coach design a program for you remotely is to work with that coach in-person, and train alongside like-minded athletes who are going to push you daily to maximize your potential. If you’re committed to being the best you can be and have the flexibility to move to Norwalk to train alongside athletes that share the same commitment and goals of excellence, this is your best option. We will provide a general competition program for all of our local athletes to complete as well as individualized programming for members to accomplish at their convenience.

Gorilla Squad Updates

Not everyone can move to Norwalk, CT or afford personalized coaching, but almost everyone has access to the internet. Our commitment to sharing knowledge and our training principles with the community has led to a world-class online training environment that has helped many athletes achieve their own personal competitive goals. Our team of world class coaches monitor and provide feedback daily to athletes posting results on this free resource. Please note that this free resource is a private message board and requires prior approval from Kong CrossFit to be a part of.

Gorilla Squad Seminars

The Gorilla Squad seminar are our opportunity to share the coaching and training principles we have found most effective in preparing our athletes for competition. Whether you are looking to compete at a local competition, perform well in the CrossFit Open, or excel in your respective sport, our coaches and athletes will have many lessons to share to help get you closer to your goal.